In July 2000 the Counselling Network for Infertility Germany (Beratungsnetzwerk Kinderwunsch Deutschland - BKiD - German Society for Fertility Counselling) was founded in Heidelberg, Germany and is a registered association (BKiD e.V.) since December 2002. The Network is an organization of psychosocial counsellors in Germany who have extensive experience in infertility counselling. The Network facilitates contact for couples and individuals experiencing infertility to counsellors and provides information on psychosocial aspects of infertility to other professionals involved in infertility care. BKiD - German Society for Fertility Counselling is a member society of IICO (International Infertility Counseling Organization).

Please contact us for more information on BKiD: Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden der E-Mailinfo@bkid.de