Mission Statement

The German Society for Fertility Counselling (Counselling Network for Infertility Germany – BKiD) is a multidisciplinary network of qualified counsellors in Germany experienced in fertility counselling. Men and women experiencing infertility as well as professionals working in this area (such as medical, social and psychological professionals) can access this service. 

The main focus of BKiD is psychosocial counselling and care 

  • independent of any medical fertility treatment,  
  • prior to, during and after medical fertility treatment.


The aim of fertility counselling is to empower and strengthen individuals and couples experiencing infertility. It is non-directive und supports the development of creative and meaningful resolutions for the challenges raised by infertility.
Professional psychosocial counselling is based on current scientific evidence and takes into account the possibilities and limitations of the psychology of infertility, medical interventions, complementary medicine and other therapeutic procedures.

BKiD further focuses on

  • the prevention of fertility disorders,
  • debating social causes and effects of infertility and their impact.


BKiD offers individuals and couples support when seeking psychosocial counselling for fertility. BKiD supports professionals involved in fertility care with all issues concerning the psychosocial aspects of infertility.